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Outdoor Urn Monuments. For crematoria and on private property.

Maintenance-free, easy to install, beautiful and affordable.

Ash 2 Ashes designs and develops urn monuments from natural stone and concrete that blend well into a natural environment.

These urn monuments also offer the opportunity to create a place of family remembrance by grouping monuments together.

Truncus –

Latin for tree stump – is a natural-looking hollowed-out basalt column for 1 or 2 urns. This monument has been used in natural landscapes such as lawns and forests for many years.


Stupa is a multi-level urn monument. A stainless steel small ash urn can be placed in the lower part before the upper part is installed. Separately, the parts are heavy, but can be lifted reasonably well. When glued together is solid and monumental.

The principle Stupa comes from Buddhism and is usually made up of 5 stacked parts that represent the 5 elements symbolizing: earth, water, air, fire and space/wisdom. They are often large structures, but in Japan, for example, it is a simple stacking of stone elements.

Next to urn monuments. Ash 2 Ashes provides natural stone outdoor furniture

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